Island Reviews: Arabian Nights!

arabian nights review

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I’ve got good news! I teamed up with Slanted Fish of the PHB to make our Arabian Nights review! What are we waiting for? Here’s our review! :mrgreen:

Warning: This review contains spoilers for the island.

Episode 1: How Bazaar


Overall, this episode is pretty good. Let’s start with the soundtrack. The soundtrack was very fitting, giving off a feel for Arabian culture and the grandiosity of their civilization.

Meanwhile, the story focused on finding the Forty Thieves and putting a stop to their thievery. The hideout was done cleverly: it wasn’t the obvious cave, but something much more intriguing, with the “open sesame” scene at the end reminiscent of the beginning of Disney’s Aladdin.

Some of our favorite moments include hanging around the palace while the guards were gossiping and then surprising them with a smoke bomb, and watching one of the thieves struggle to steal the slow camel when trying to pull it into the hideout.

Moving onto the characters, they were creatively made to look like Arab people in the ancient times. In my opinion, the best one was the Sultan himself. The scenes, too, were really made well, especially the bazaar scene. This also presented a nice challenge— the cave maze and the trading. Smoke bombs added to the coolness factor, and the animations – the curling smoke effects which were used throughout the island in different colors – were pretty neat too.

Episode 2: Lair of Thieves


This episode was pretty cool! Let’s start with the scenes, which were amazing. From the cells to the sanctum, everything was nice and detailed, particularly the treasure room.

The quest itself was just the right amount of challenging. PHB author Samwow5 pointed out in his review of this episode that he felt like he was a spy. A spy indeed! Sneaking around the thieves sure made us feel stealthy and cool. The crafting part was also a creative touch to the gameplay.

Seeing the prisoner and later the Vizier disappear in a cloud of smoke for calling upon the wrong lamps made for a dark yet excellent plot. The Vizier’s sacrifice tugged at our heartstrings, and we wonder whether the unfortunate characters were really killed off (it certainly seems so, which might be a Poptropica first) – though thanks to the Sultan’s time reversal at the end of the third episode, the Vizier lived (though probably not as a high palace official).

The characters were great, too. The Master of Coin (who looked like Binary Bard), master thief, and Brutus had amazing designs and details. Last but definitely not least, the soundtrack was awesome. The spine-tingling feeling of the music made the episode even better.

Episode 3: Careful What You Wish For


Months before the release of this episode, PHB author Brave Tomato made a theory about the final episode — and she turned out to be right!

Scheherazade’s character had great depth, from being a simple merchant’s daughter to becoming a princess, which turned out pretty badly for her as her father, now a Sultan, barely paid her any attention. It didn’t end there: driven by her desire, she became the leader of the villainous Forty Thieves, and then, at the height of her criminal career, wished to be turned into a genie!

Out of the three episodes, this is our personal favorite. Why? Scenes were made very well and every inch of it is very detailed. The spot-the-difference game was pretty challenging. This episode also brought back the trading and crafting elements from the previous two episodes.

Samhal, too, was a comical character, with his mischievous wit coming into play at every corner. From making a woman who wished to be beautiful into a copy of himself, to turning the Master of Coin into a treasure chest because he wanted to hold all the wealth for himself, to having the recurring camel fall in love with a palace guard, it was hilarious to watch the story unfold.

The story was funny, but it also left behind a well-delivered cautionary tale against greed, especially as it wrapped up in the final, heartfelt scene with the Sultan and Scheherazade on the stone dais.

Plus, we loved the Aladdin references.

Thanks for reading our review of Arabian Nights Island! Overall, we’d rate it a 9.5/10.


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Ask Slippery: Part Two– Ask me again!

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In our last post, I promised that there will be another Q&A soon. Well, that ‘soon’ is now! I decided to host another Q&A (Hoping there will be more questions)!


Similar to what I’ve said back then, I accept any questions as long as it doesn’t become too personal to ask. I’ll give you a month to think of your question and after that, I’d be happy to answer them all! 🙂

This Q and A starts now and you can put your question in the comment box below and I’ll see you next month!

Check out the previous post for the first part! We also have a new snapshot!


You asked, I answered! (Ask Slippery: Part 1)

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First of all, I’d like to tell you that the island review will come out next week because I’m still waiting for Arabian Nights’ third episode.

Next, if you may recall last year, as a part of the 2000 hits celebration, I had a Q&A with you guys. I’m very sorry if I forgot to put it in a page or a post but you’ll get the answers to your questions now!


Magic Fire asked:  What do you use to edit your pictures?
Slippery Raptor: I mostly use Photoshop for my pictures but I used PicMonkey back then.

Nice Hawk asked: When is the exact birthday of Poptropica?
Slippery RaptorI did ask Poptropica last year and this is what they said:

Magic Fire also asked: How did you find out about Poptropica and why did you start playing it?
Slippery Raptor: Back in 2008, I discovered Poptropica through a magazine called K-Zone. Poptropica was featured in its game section and I decided to visit this so-called “Poptropica” and everyone in our class talked about it and made their own accounts!

I decided to play Poptropica because it’s a one-of-a-kind game you’ll never see anywhere. Its adventures and quests are great and at the same time, it’s also educational. Lastly, since Poptropica became a part of my childhood, it has always been a part of me; it never left me.

Scary Plug asked: Where do you get the amazing fonts?
Slippery Raptor: Most of my fonts come from Google, Dafont and PicMonkey.

That is the first part of the Q&A. Thanks to the people who asked their questions and I hope you knew something from me! Maybe we’ll have another Q&A sometime soon! Have patience and get your questions noted down on a piece of paper!


Poptropica Discussion: Island Trailers

Hello Poptropicans!

Welcome to another Poptropica discussion! Today, we’ll be talking about Poptropica’s island trailers. The island trailers of Poptropica are made mainly for promoting the (latest) islands of Poptropica. Without further ado, here’s a playlist I made with all of the trailers in Poptropica! I’d like you to watch all of these carefully.

Have you watched them all yet? What’s your favorite? My favorite island trailer is either PoptropiCon, Ghost Story or the Survival trailer. They all have amazing animations.

These 35 trailers are classified into two: the animated trailers and the gameplay trailers. The trailers of Time Tangled, Counterfeit until Twisted Thicket are all gameplay trailers since they show a footage of playing the game (hence the name); from the trailer of Poptropolis Games 2012, Poptropica has started doing animated trailers until now.

However, Poptropica didn’t make any island trailers for the first 8 islands (with the exception of Time Tangled), Great Pumpkin and Wild West Island. I wonder why?

Have you noticed that the trailers have been using the new “poppy” Poptropica logo since 2011? It was first used in the Game Show Island trailer until now.


Do you also know that the first trailer to have the “now with sound” banner is Virus Hunter Island and its last appearance was on the Shrink Ray re-release? Sadly, this banner wasn’t added on the recent island trailers.

Since we’ve known so much about the trailers that Poptropica makes, do you know the people behind these amazing animations? One of them is Tyson Burnham– known for doing animations for Poptropica since 2010. Check his reel for last year:

It looks so amazing. Great job, sir! I really like his animations. I look forward to more of his works!

…and that is our discussion for this week! It’s really awesome to talk about these trailers and I had fun. What do you think? Leave a comment!

Slippery 😀

Poptropica Mystery: Where is the Battle Arena?

The battle arena— a feature in Legendary Swords that never made it to the game. Is it another Monster Carnival? Will we see it again on Poptropica? We never know but I’m here to investigate on that case!

Warning: The post includes some spoilers about the mini-quest and some islands. If you haven’t played it yet, it’s better to look away! 😛


Back in November 2011, Poptropica released a mini-quest different from other mini-quests. It mainly focuses on swordfighting (hence the name) and robots.  This is also the first time your player decides to take a “vacation” outer space. As your player gazes the vast galaxy, he/she notices an explosion coming from a jungle planet (not to be confused with the one from Astro-Knights) and decides to investigate the explosion. He/she comes across evil robots headed by Dr. E. Vile, who plans to take over Poptropica. After defeating the final robot in the game, your player speaks to Dr. E. Vile and hopes to find the mastermind. Back in the early days of the game, one may find this familiar “coming soon” banner of the feature at the end of the game. Sadly, it has now been removed. Credits to the PHB for the image!



Similar to Monster Carnival, it appeared a couple of times around the game and became the next Poptropica mystery. A year later, Poptropica hasn’t made any news regarding the new feature but some hints around it surfaced.


Some evidences have been found around Poptropica regarding this mystery. Here are some of what I know:


In 2013, Poptropica hinted on the Battle Arena in the trash scene. Is it scrapped since it’s in the trash? Along with it is a Monster Carnival script with a “NOPE” on it and many players lost hope. Months later, Monster Carnival debuted on Poptropica– does this mean it’ll share the same fate as Monster Carnival? We never know.


Another rumor before it launched was the battle bots are a part of the Battle Arena. Sadly, this was proven false. Credits to the PHB for the image!



The evidences appeared in the second episode of PoptropiCon’s common room: the Atrium. The room is filled with Legendary Swords references and concepts around the mini-quest. We also found out Dr. E. Vile as a Poptropican (only a statue) and the robots that appeared in-game. Will we ever see it again? Check out the pictures:


For this case, I think Poptropica doesn’t have plans to continue this for now and that’s why they removed the banner on Legendary Swords (and also to end the mystery). I suppose Poptropica is kind of busy with the new features and upgrades back in 2011, they did say that they always “poke around” and they do their best to make Poptropica better than ever so that’s why they didn’t have time for the feature. It’s understandable why this happened and my verdict is that it won’t come around for now, maybe in due time or never will. As what Fishy, Paul and the Creators said, they “never say never“. 🙂


What do you think? If the Battle Arena came true, what would it look like? Leave a comment! 🙂