The battle arena— a feature in Legendary Swords that never made it to the game. Is it another Monster Carnival? Will we see it again on Poptropica? We never know but I’m here to investigate on that case!

Warning: The post includes some spoilers about the mini-quest and some islands. If you haven’t played it yet, it’s better to look away! 😛


Back in November 2011, Poptropica released a mini-quest different from other mini-quests. It mainly focuses on swordfighting (hence the name) and robots.  This is also the first time your player decides to take a “vacation” outer space. As your player gazes the vast galaxy, he/she notices an explosion coming from a jungle planet (not to be confused with the one from Astro-Knights) and decides to investigate the explosion. He/she comes across evil robots headed by Dr. E. Vile, who plans to take over Poptropica. After defeating the final robot in the game, your player speaks to Dr. E. Vile and hopes to find the mastermind. Back in the early days of the game, one may find this familiar “coming soon” banner of the feature at the end of the game. Sadly, it has now been removed. Credits to the PHB for the image!



Similar to Monster Carnival, it appeared a couple of times around the game and became the next Poptropica mystery. A year later, Poptropica hasn’t made any news regarding the new feature but some hints around it surfaced.


Some evidences have been found around Poptropica regarding this mystery. Here are some of what I know:


In 2013, Poptropica hinted on the Battle Arena in the trash scene. Is it scrapped since it’s in the trash? Along with it is a Monster Carnival script with a “NOPE” on it and many players lost hope. Months later, Monster Carnival debuted on Poptropica– does this mean it’ll share the same fate as Monster Carnival? We never know.


Another rumor before it launched was the battle bots are a part of the Battle Arena. Sadly, this was proven false. Credits to the PHB for the image!



The evidences appeared in the second episode of PoptropiCon’s common room: the Atrium. The room is filled with Legendary Swords references and concepts around the mini-quest. We also found out Dr. E. Vile as a Poptropican (only a statue) and the robots that appeared in-game. Will we ever see it again? Check out the pictures:


For this case, I think Poptropica doesn’t have plans to continue this for now and that’s why they removed the banner on Legendary Swords (and also to end the mystery). I suppose Poptropica is kind of busy with the new features and upgrades back in 2011, they did say that they always “poke around” and they do their best to make Poptropica better than ever so that’s why they didn’t have time for the feature. It’s understandable why this happened and my verdict is that it won’t come around for now, maybe in due time or never will. As what Fishy, Paul and the Creators said, they “never say never“. 🙂


What do you think? If the Battle Arena came true, what would it look like? Leave a comment! 🙂



One thought on “Poptropica Mystery: Where is the Battle Arena?

  1. Do you think the invasion of poptropica in astro night is related to eviles army taking over poptropica in legendary swords, I mean you don’t stop evile, you just destroy some of his robots.

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