Hello Poptropicans!

Welcome to another Poptropica discussion! Today, we’ll be talking about Poptropica’s island trailers. The island trailers of Poptropica are made mainly for promoting the (latest) islands of Poptropica. Without further ado, here’s a playlist I made with all of the trailers in Poptropica! I’d like you to watch all of these carefully.

Have you watched them all yet? What’s your favorite? My favorite island trailer is either PoptropiCon, Ghost Story or the Survival trailer. They all have amazing animations.

These 35 trailers are classified into two: the animated trailers and the gameplay trailers. The trailers of Time Tangled, Counterfeit until Twisted Thicket are all gameplay trailers since they show a footage of playing the game (hence the name); from the trailer of Poptropolis Games 2012, Poptropica has started doing animated trailers until now.

However, Poptropica didn’t make any island trailers for the first 8 islands (with the exception of Time Tangled), Great Pumpkin and Wild West Island. I wonder why?

Have you noticed that the trailers have been using the new “poppy” Poptropica logo since 2011? It was first used in the Game Show Island trailer until now.


Do you also know that the first trailer to have the “now with sound” banner is Virus Hunter Island and its last appearance was on the Shrink Ray re-release? Sadly, this banner wasn’t added on the recent island trailers.

Since we’ve known so much about the trailers that Poptropica makes, do you know the people behind these amazing animations? One of them is Tyson Burnham– known for doing animations for Poptropica since 2010. Check his reel for last year:

It looks so amazing. Great job, sir! I really like his animations. I look forward to more of his works!

…and that is our discussion for this week! It’s really awesome to talk about these trailers and I had fun. What do you think? Leave a comment!

Slippery 😀


One thought on “Poptropica Discussion: Island Trailers

  1. Cool! The most memorable trailer for me was probably Twisted Thicket or Super Villain Island. (Those were the ones I replayed over and over.) Animation wise, Virus Hunter. I remember when I first saw that “Now with sound” banner, very exciting times. 😀

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