You asked, I answered! (Ask Slippery: Part 1)

Hey guys! Slip here.

First of all, I’d like to tell you that the island review will come out next week because I’m still waiting for Arabian Nights’ third episode.

Next, if you may recall last year, as a part of the 2000 hits celebration, I had a Q&A with you guys. I’m very sorry if I forgot to put it in a page or a post but you’ll get the answers to your questions now!


Magic Fire asked:  What do you use to edit your pictures?
Slippery Raptor: I mostly use Photoshop for my pictures but I used PicMonkey back then.

Nice Hawk asked: When is the exact birthday of Poptropica?
Slippery RaptorI did ask Poptropica last year and this is what they said:

Magic Fire also asked: How did you find out about Poptropica and why did you start playing it?
Slippery Raptor: Back in 2008, I discovered Poptropica through a magazine called K-Zone. Poptropica was featured in its game section and I decided to visit this so-called “Poptropica” and everyone in our class talked about it and made their own accounts!

I decided to play Poptropica because it’s a one-of-a-kind game you’ll never see anywhere. Its adventures and quests are great and at the same time, it’s also educational. Lastly, since Poptropica became a part of my childhood, it has always been a part of me; it never left me.

Scary Plug asked: Where do you get the amazing fonts?
Slippery Raptor: Most of my fonts come from Google, Dafont and PicMonkey.

That is the first part of the Q&A. Thanks to the people who asked their questions and I hope you knew something from me! Maybe we’ll have another Q&A sometime soon! Have patience and get your questions noted down on a piece of paper!



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