Ask Slippery: Part Two– Ask me again!

Hey guys, Slip here.

In our last post, I promised that there will be another Q&A soon. Well, that ‘soon’ is now! I decided to host another Q&A (Hoping there will be more questions)!


Similar to what I’ve said back then, I accept any questions as long as it doesn’t become too personal to ask. I’ll give you a month to think of your question and after that, I’d be happy to answer them all! 🙂

This Q and A starts now and you can put your question in the comment box below and I’ll see you next month!

Check out the previous post for the first part! We also have a new snapshot!



9 thoughts on “Ask Slippery: Part Two– Ask me again!

  1. Do you reveal your (first) name on the internet? If you do, what is it?

    How old were you in the year you started playing Poptropica?

    Which country – or continent at least, if you’re sensitive! – do you live in?

    ^Those are my favourite personal questions to ask anyone on the internet xD


    Do you think you’ll ever take those headphones off?

    What’s your favourite costume, be it the costume of an NPC, fellow Poptropican or Store Item?

    Which island was the most difficult for you to beat?

    How many medallions have you got?

    What’s your current credit count? (In honour of the recent Daily Pop-In)

    Random Questions

    Greatest pet peeve?

    Do you remember the craziest drem you’ve ever had?

    Any future occupations in mind?

    And last but not least…
    Do you think answering all these questions will amount to an entire biography?

    Wow what was I doing (You can consider this a question but why would you) (You can consider that last one too)

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