Community Celebrities: Brave Tomato


Hello Poptropicans!

Welcome to our newest segment here! It’s called Community Celebrities. Over the weeks, I will feature someone from the community and they can share 10 or more facts about them! 🙂


Today’s special guest is one of my friends over at the PHB. I thank her for accepting my invitation here and the facts she shared for all of us are very interesting! I hope through this, you’ll know her even more. No further ado, let’s welcome our first Community Celebrity— Brave Tomato!

1. Brave Tomato’s favorite island is Mythology Island. She liked this island because it inspired her to look further into Greek Mythology, the information this island had was useful to her, and this was her first island when she joined Poptropica!


2. Even though her favorite island is Mythology, her favorite villain is not Zeus. She said that it was Myron Van Buren from Survival Island. She said that MVB is a different Poptropica villain because he’s not after world domination or stuff like that but his goal IS YOU. She also noted that MVB fits her description for a perfect villain— scary and intimidating.


3. Among the items in the Poptropica Store, she thinks the best items are the Biker outfit and the Rock Star 2 costume for girls. Her star sticker and signature rocker girl look will never go out of style.

4. Brave Tomato’s favorite aspect of Poptropica is its island quests. For her, every island quest has something different to offer and she likes islands with a good story.


5. Brave Tomato worked on a lot of blogs before she became a part of the PHB. Her first blog is Super Thunder’s Blog (which was owned by a former PHB author and is now renamed as “It’s A Poptropica Blog“) and she was only 12! She was only with the community for a short period of time and she met new people with same interests! According to BT, she tried making her own blog twice but she ended up leaving them due to workload.


6. Other than Poptropica, she likes to play The Sims. She told me that she has The Sims 3 & 4, and has The Sims 2 when it was just free.


7. Aside from Poptropica, she likes to draw, write, and hangout with her friends. She occasionally doodles and sometimes they come out to be a larger scale drawings.She also has friends since the 1st grade, likes companies of friends and loves being creative when she’s alone.

8. If she would be given an offer to work at Poptropica, she would like to have a position in the character development/design or the script writing departments. A perfect fit for you, BT!

As for the last two facts, I gave her a chance to share something for us:

9. She is all over social media. Make sure to follow her on Twitter (@1313cookie), Tumblr and DeviantArt (1313cookie)! She also revisits islands on her YouTube channel (TheBraveTomato13) and make sure to check them out!

10. For the last fact, BT shared the story behind her username (1313cookie):

I came up with the username 1313cookie with my dad when I got a Nicktropolis account. 13 was a favorite number among my family, and then the cookie part came in because that was my nickname around the house since well, I loved chocolate chip cookies. That sounds good!

 I’d like to thank Brave Tomato for doing this with me! At first, I thought BT was just an ordinary blogger; I was so wrong. She’s really awesome!

What’s your favorite fact about BT? Would you like to see more of these? Leave a comment!

P.S This is my last post for the summer. It’s my first day tomorrow. I’ll be very inactive but still there. 😛



Peace out. 😛


Poptropica Discussions: Things Poptropica Should Bring Back


Hey guys! Slippery here.

Today we have a brand new Poptropica discussion. Let’s start!


Poptropica has brought a lot of new features and upgrades over the years but as time goes by, some of them are left forgotten and abandoned. That’s the topic I want to talk about: things that Poptropica should bring back.


Treasure Hunts

Back in 2008, in honor of the release of Spy Island and Nabooti Island, Poptropica hid bonus items around Poptropica and if you’re lucky to find these items, you’ll receive free stuff! I just hope that they would bring these hunts back in the game.

Thanks to the PHB for the image!


Back in the old days, Poptropica did countdowns before island releases. The most recent countdown was made in September 2014 (for Poptropica Land). I really appreciate countdowns because I will know the time when Poptropica will update. They deserve to be brought back, too.

Pre-Island Quests/Previews

One thing I really enjoyed in playing Poptropica back then was the pre-island quests. Back in 2010, Poptropica started these previews with the Nessie mini-game for Cryptids Island and was continued until the Nano-Combat Training for Virus Hunter Island. For me, the best pre-island preview was the Spook Central and Money Ladder. There are some of these that are still found in game: Shrink Shot and Prepare for Impact. These deserve to be brought back because it’s fun and gives away rare and great prizes to all.

Thanks to the PHB for the image!

Island Release Homepage Design

It has been a Poptropica tradition to alter the homepage design every time an island is released. Each release features a different design (e.g. John Bull silhouette passing by for Mystery Train; NPCs holding the iPad handheld item for Poptropica App release; and Ringmaster Raven’s caravan passing by for Monster Carnival.


The 7 Members-Only Islands

I know you’re waiting for this.

For our last thing I think Poptropica should bring back is the seven members-only islands. These islands really deserve to be open to all again (especially Red Dragon Island). A lot of Poptropicans are asking Poptropica to bring these back and as what I’ve said in my comment on the PHB, I understand why Poptropica had to do this but I hope Poptropica would consider some of our concerns. 🙂


What do you think of the things Poptropica should bring back? Do you agree with them? If you have some more ideas on what Poptropica should bring back, let me know in the comments below!


Poptropica Mystery: Where did the native islanders go?


Hi Gs,

A new face on the blog! I’m not a permanent member of Slippery’s blog, but I’m guest posting here for this week’s mystery!

This mystery goes all the way back to the very 2nd Island – Shark Tooth Island. On it, you learn a few things about it’s history:

  • Professor Hammerhead discovered the island and it’s ruins years ago. This island was abandoned some time before it was re-inhabited.
  • The native islanders there found how to calm the shark using a special concoction.
  • The Medicine Man will only talk to Native Islanders.

This said, we have some things to consider – primarily about the Medicine Man. Is he a native islander? He wears a grass skirt and will only talk to native islanders, which leads to the presumption that he is… but if he still is there, then where are the rest of the native islanders?

If Professor Hammerhead found the island’s ruins, how is the Medicine Man still up in his tree?


If you look closely, you can find some clues to solve the mystery, although I don’t have a conclusive answer yet. Let’s go over those.

Early Poptropica Island’s Microcosm

As seen on the map, instead of the Pilgrims’ houses, you can see a teepee. Does this mean that Early Poptropica tells a similar story to North America? And does this tie in with the islanders’ disappearance?


The bones of a great beast

Inside the temple on Shark Tooth Island, you’ll find a large golden statue of a shark, a pit, and the skeletal remains of a “great beast”. When you study this creature’s anatomy, you’ll start to notice how it doesn’t have any apparent legs, and actually looks very similar to the Great Booga Shark! This could mean a number of things, but I’m going to leave the theorizing up to you guys – for now.


Where did the native islanders go? Why is the Medicine Man still around? Does Shark Tooth Island have more in depth than we thought? Let me know what you think in the comments!