Poptropica Mystery: Where did the native islanders go?


Hi Gs,

A new face on the blog! I’m not a permanent member of Slippery’s blog, but I’m guest posting here for this week’s mystery!

This mystery goes all the way back to the very 2nd Island – Shark Tooth Island. On it, you learn a few things about it’s history:

  • Professor Hammerhead discovered the island and it’s ruins years ago. This island was abandoned some time before it was re-inhabited.
  • The native islanders there found how to calm the shark using a special concoction.
  • The Medicine Man will only talk to Native Islanders.

This said, we have some things to consider – primarily about the Medicine Man. Is he a native islander? He wears a grass skirt and will only talk to native islanders, which leads to the presumption that he is… but if he still is there, then where are the rest of the native islanders?

If Professor Hammerhead found the island’s ruins, how is the Medicine Man still up in his tree?


If you look closely, you can find some clues to solve the mystery, although I don’t have a conclusive answer yet. Let’s go over those.

Early Poptropica Island’s Microcosm

As seen on the map, instead of the Pilgrims’ houses, you can see a teepee. Does this mean that Early Poptropica tells a similar story to North America? And does this tie in with the islanders’ disappearance?


The bones of a great beast

Inside the temple on Shark Tooth Island, you’ll find a large golden statue of a shark, a pit, and the skeletal remains of a “great beast”. When you study this creature’s anatomy, you’ll start to notice how it doesn’t have any apparent legs, and actually looks very similar to the Great Booga Shark! This could mean a number of things, but I’m going to leave the theorizing up to you guys – for now.


Where did the native islanders go? Why is the Medicine Man still around? Does Shark Tooth Island have more in depth than we thought? Let me know what you think in the comments!




2 thoughts on “Poptropica Mystery: Where did the native islanders go?

  1. Well, the North-American Indians mostly died of disease brought overseas by the Europeans. However, the Medicine Man probably would’ve hinted at this if it were actually what happened. This has led me to two possible conclusions:

    1. The medicine that the Medicine Man made was fatal. After getting sick by one of the potions he made, the natives would go back and get even sicker, quickly leading to their demise. HOWEVER, as I said before, nobody on the island mentioned the natives dying of disease.

    2. Most of the inhabitants on the island ARE natives. Explorers (like Professor Hammerhead) discovered the island after they were cured of the diseases that would’ve killed the natives. The evidence to support this is from the informational plaque of Professor Hammerhead in the Tourism Center. It says “1920-1997”, with 1997 presumably being when he disappeared and became trapped on the island that was guarded by the Booga Shark. More evidence for this theory are the island inhabitants’ skin colors. They’re about the same color as the Medicine Man, who is obviously a native. When the inhabitants see your blimp they automatically know that you are a foreign visitor, thus they inform you that medicine is only directly given to island natives.

    1. Yeah, that sounds REALLY believable, especially since we have absolutely NO idea what happened.
      P.S. That wasn’t mocking, by the way.

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