Poptropica Discussions: Things Poptropica Should Bring Back


Hey guys! Slippery here.

Today we have a brand new Poptropica discussion. Let’s start!


Poptropica has brought a lot of new features and upgrades over the years but as time goes by, some of them are left forgotten and abandoned. That’s the topic I want to talk about: things that Poptropica should bring back.


Treasure Hunts

Back in 2008, in honor of the release of Spy Island and Nabooti Island, Poptropica hid bonus items around Poptropica and if you’re lucky to find these items, you’ll receive free stuff! I just hope that they would bring these hunts back in the game.

Thanks to the PHB for the image!


Back in the old days, Poptropica did countdowns before island releases. The most recent countdown was made in September 2014 (for Poptropica Land). I really appreciate countdowns because I will know the time when Poptropica will update. They deserve to be brought back, too.

Pre-Island Quests/Previews

One thing I really enjoyed in playing Poptropica back then was the pre-island quests. Back in 2010, Poptropica started these previews with the Nessie mini-game for Cryptids Island and was continued until the Nano-Combat Training for Virus Hunter Island. For me, the best pre-island preview was the Spook Central and Money Ladder. There are some of these that are still found in game: Shrink Shot and Prepare for Impact. These deserve to be brought back because it’s fun and gives away rare and great prizes to all.

Thanks to the PHB for the image!

Island Release Homepage Design

It has been a Poptropica tradition to alter the homepage design every time an island is released. Each release features a different design (e.g. John Bull silhouette passing by for Mystery Train; NPCs holding the iPad handheld item for Poptropica App release; and Ringmaster Raven’s caravan passing by for Monster Carnival.


The 7 Members-Only Islands

I know you’re waiting for this.

For our last thing I think Poptropica should bring back is the seven members-only islands. These islands really deserve to be open to all again (especially Red Dragon Island). A lot of Poptropicans are asking Poptropica to bring these back and as what I’ve said in my comment on the PHB, I understand why Poptropica had to do this but I hope Poptropica would consider some of our concerns. 🙂


What do you think of the things Poptropica should bring back? Do you agree with them? If you have some more ideas on what Poptropica should bring back, let me know in the comments below!



8 thoughts on “Poptropica Discussions: Things Poptropica Should Bring Back

  1. I really understand that Poptropica is trying to find ways to increase membership popularity but if they had at least given us some warning in advance I would have been very grateful (taking away Red Dragon just shattered my heart ohmy) .-. Ah well…

    But HAHAHA I didn’t know that Poptropica had different home page designs for new islands xD It sounds like such a cute idea I don’t know why they took it away! I think I revisited Poptropica at around the same time as the release of Poptropica Land so I saw the last of the countdowns and I thought they were really cool too *sniffles*

    I don’t think I’ve been playing long enough to know about what else they’ve taken away so… Well there’s the Arcade but idk what happened to that.

  2. dude, i just had a question, whats like to be awesome person on the PHB (poptropica help blog)? plz plz plz awnser this simple question.
    – angrybirds3004/bronze ice from poptropica

    P.S feel free to call me jinx the rebel trouble maker or jinxx for short

  3. I have one more thing that I forgot to mention when we were discussion this before- pause buttons in SUIs.

    There’s no pause button that can be accessed during the cutscenes in the SUIs so it’s annoying for people who have to go around a time limit like me and hope that the cutscene ends when you need to stop recording. It’s also useful if you’re needed for something and you need to quickly pause.

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