Thoughts on Poptropica’s 8th Birthday


Hey guys, Slip here.

Welcome to a new post! It’s been a while since we’ve had our community celebrity so why not have a new post? 🙂 Today, I’ll be leaving some brief thoughts on Poptropica’s birthday! I won’t let you wait any longer- here we go!

This year’s celebration was unique. It didn’t have a new birthday costume this year and  it mainly focused on Early Poptropica. They also had the race to Early Poptropica, which was opened to all, and offered 200 Poptropica credits for first-time completions. Poptropica also celebrated on Twitter by tagging #HBDPoptropica and retweeting tweets throughout the day! However, annual traditions such as the balloon hunt and the color-changing birthday balloon came back. I also like how Poptropica came up with a great theme along with the celebration! 🙂


Although, the party had a minor downside. The balloon hunt was too easy. When you enter any common room, you can easily find the 8th birthday balloon, which spoils its rarity and the challenge when it comes to finding it but overall, Poptropica made this one of the best and the most memorable birthday parties ever thrown. I landed first and had a fun time celebrating 8 years of our favorite game. 🙂

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