Escape from Pelican Rock: Thoughts


Hey, guys! Slip here.

Welcome to my review on the latest Poptropica island: Escape from Pelican Rock! Before heading on to the review itself, I would like to give special thanks to Friendly Fish (slantedfish) for letting me try EFPR (Escape from Pelican Rock) on her account! Now, I’d like to start with our analysis!

WARNING: SPOILERS! If you don’t want to, look away!

This 2015, it proved that Poptropica is taking things to the next level. Escape from Pelican Rock island is a special island. It’s different from the islands we used to explore; It’s not your cliché hero island with you defeating the villain kind of thing.

Us, PHB Authors, were so excited with this island that we already knew what it is months before its release! It was first known as “Prison Break Island” but was later changed to its current name. EFPR also had a similar island preview—like Timmy Failure— a month before it released. We were also shocked to find this interesting easter egg on the island:


After weeks of free prizes and photo booth specials on the island preview, it finally released on December 10—a date no one expected it to show up.

Plot/Story ||


Pelican Rock is the toughest prison ever built. And after you’re framed for a crime you didn’t commit, it’s your new home! Use your wits to devise an escape plan, and your nerve to pull it off. But getting out is just the beginning — because the real criminal is still out there!

We’ve been through a lot of prisons in Poptropica. Brave Tomato stated that these prisons flopped and got destroyed— whether it’s a missing ghost prisoner, glowing meteorites, obsessed rulers, and even Old West bandits! How about Pelican Rock?


Pelican Rock is a place no one would dare to enter its treacherous and crumbling walls. Aside from it being secluded from the streets of Bay City, Pelican Rock prison is feared for being home to the most notorious criminals of Bay City. Now things turn upside down when you try to make a good deed and that ended up behind bars of Pelican Rock.

A question bugged me while reading the plot: “How will I find my way out of a prison of maximum security?” The story’s intriguing indeed. Imagine you’re being framed for something you didn’t do—how harsh.

Overall, Poptropica gave us a fresh spin on the fallen prisons on Poptropica and Pelican Rock proved that it won’t be added to the list.

Gameplay ||


For the gameplay of this island, it’s fairly good. Well, since it just released, it’s prone on bugs and some glitches. While I was playing, I got stuck at the first day of work and the player slides while eating. After struggling with some bugs while playing, it didn’t encounter other bugs anymore and it was just smooth.

I also like the idea of having the NPCs (non-player characters) designed to be the same gender of your player — definitely a Poptropica first. For girls, the prison is inhabited by female prisoners: Patches, Marion, and the other girls (with the exception of the twins)and the police are also patterned by your player!

I also liked how the mini-games were put into the game. I enjoyed making some license plates and earning gums along the way. The vent part was also cool.

What I don’t like is that you have to restart the day over and over but that’s part of the challenge; I’m okay with that.

In conclusion, Poptropica gave us a great and challenging gameplay on this island. Please keep doing these challenging quests! Great job, Creators!

Design & Soundtrack ||


Let’s do the soundtrack first.

The music above greets you when you enter the island. I believe that it’s one of the best music I’ve heard on Poptropica. It’s very calm and sets a soothing scene on an island. For the other music used in the prison, it’s creatively made appropriate to the respective rooms. I like how detailed the sounds can go! The radio in the cell block is a good example. Mr. Jeff Heim, you did a great job composing for EFPR!

Moving along, Poptropica also improved on animating Poptropicans. One of the best scenes on the island was the police holding back Big Tuna— that was one good scene. Other good examples were the food fight part and the end scene of the island!


The character designs were also created well. I like how they made Florian’s hair shiny, Big Tuna’s unusual body structure, the abs on Bert’s costume, and the rollerskating kid’s outfit. Poptropica certainly improves on doing outfits and costumes. 🙂

Last but not the least, the rooms were created best. I like how they made the Main Street to look so friendly and calm using a palette of bright and warm colors with cold and cool colors. Now, for the prison, I like how it made it quite realistic and detailed from the cracks and the rust on the galvanized iron sheets.

Verdict ||


Now, Poptropica had a good way to end the year. They’ve made a great island. Compared to the other three islands this year, Poptropica brought in a challenging island and an island like no other. Kudos to Poptropica! I would recommend you to play it when it releases to all.

If I would rate this from 1-10, this gets:


I definitely recommend you playing this island.  🙂



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