Poptropica Discussions: Things Poptropica Should Bring Back


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Today we have a brand new Poptropica discussion. Let’s start!


Poptropica has brought a lot of new features and upgrades over the years but as time goes by, some of them are left forgotten and abandoned. That’s the topic I want to talk about: things that Poptropica should bring back.


Treasure Hunts

Back in 2008, in honor of the release of Spy Island and Nabooti Island, Poptropica hid bonus items around Poptropica and if you’re lucky to find these items, you’ll receive free stuff! I just hope that they would bring these hunts back in the game.

Thanks to the PHB for the image!


Back in the old days, Poptropica did countdowns before island releases. The most recent countdown was made in September 2014 (for Poptropica Land). I really appreciate countdowns because I will know the time when Poptropica will update. They deserve to be brought back, too.

Pre-Island Quests/Previews

One thing I really enjoyed in playing Poptropica back then was the pre-island quests. Back in 2010, Poptropica started these previews with the Nessie mini-game for Cryptids Island and was continued until the Nano-Combat Training for Virus Hunter Island. For me, the best pre-island preview was the Spook Central and Money Ladder. There are some of these that are still found in game: Shrink Shot and Prepare for Impact. These deserve to be brought back because it’s fun and gives away rare and great prizes to all.

Thanks to the PHB for the image!

Island Release Homepage Design

It has been a Poptropica tradition to alter the homepage design every time an island is released. Each release features a different design (e.g. John Bull silhouette passing by for Mystery Train; NPCs holding the iPad handheld item for Poptropica App release; and Ringmaster Raven’s caravan passing by for Monster Carnival.


The 7 Members-Only Islands

I know you’re waiting for this.

For our last thing I think Poptropica should bring back is the seven members-only islands. These islands really deserve to be open to all again (especially Red Dragon Island). A lot of Poptropicans are asking Poptropica to bring these back and as what I’ve said in my comment on the PHB, I understand why Poptropica had to do this but I hope Poptropica would consider some of our concerns. 🙂


What do you think of the things Poptropica should bring back? Do you agree with them? If you have some more ideas on what Poptropica should bring back, let me know in the comments below!



Poptropica Discussion: Island Trailers

Hello Poptropicans!

Welcome to another Poptropica discussion! Today, we’ll be talking about Poptropica’s island trailers. The island trailers of Poptropica are made mainly for promoting the (latest) islands of Poptropica. Without further ado, here’s a playlist I made with all of the trailers in Poptropica! I’d like you to watch all of these carefully.

Have you watched them all yet? What’s your favorite? My favorite island trailer is either PoptropiCon, Ghost Story or the Survival trailer. They all have amazing animations.

These 35 trailers are classified into two: the animated trailers and the gameplay trailers. The trailers of Time Tangled, Counterfeit until Twisted Thicket are all gameplay trailers since they show a footage of playing the game (hence the name); from the trailer of Poptropolis Games 2012, Poptropica has started doing animated trailers until now.

However, Poptropica didn’t make any island trailers for the first 8 islands (with the exception of Time Tangled), Great Pumpkin and Wild West Island. I wonder why?

Have you noticed that the trailers have been using the new “poppy” Poptropica logo since 2011? It was first used in the Game Show Island trailer until now.


Do you also know that the first trailer to have the “now with sound” banner is Virus Hunter Island and its last appearance was on the Shrink Ray re-release? Sadly, this banner wasn’t added on the recent island trailers.

Since we’ve known so much about the trailers that Poptropica makes, do you know the people behind these amazing animations? One of them is Tyson Burnham– known for doing animations for Poptropica since 2010. Check his reel for last year:

It looks so amazing. Great job, sir! I really like his animations. I look forward to more of his works!

…and that is our discussion for this week! It’s really awesome to talk about these trailers and I had fun. What do you think? Leave a comment!

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Poptropica Discussion: Is the Poptropica community dying?

Note: Hey, this is just my opinion and I don’t intend to criticize the game. I don’t want offend anyone, okay? Feel free to share your opinion and read below! 

Poptropica has a big community—there are 4 million users per month! We would consider some of them as a part of our ‘community’… but they’re just playing Poptropica just to escape boredom not like us, whose been logging in for every update there is!

Anyways, a number of Poptropica players have been inactive lately and some have quitted due to being too inactive of schoolworks, being grounded, losing interest and many other reasons to deal with. As a result to that, many Poptropica blogs have been quite inactive perhaps due to Poptropica being inactive too.

Is the Poptropica community dying?

The community is quite of dying— feels like it’s just beginning. It could be prevented.

My co-author, Brave Tomato said that she’s quite amazed how Thinknoodles still has the time to make island walkthroughs of new islands. Why? He has commitment.

We can also say that a portion of why the community has declined is that Poptropica has also been busy and they’re onto a lot of stuff. It’s been a hard time for us too.

Some of us would suggest that Poptropica would have better ways to motivate more players not just on Twitter but on other social sites as well. Poptropica should lessen sponsored islands because on what I’ve observed on Club Penguin, many have quitted because sponsored parties. Poptropica wants to go through generations, but if the community is going downhill, how would it continue through time?

According to a Google Trends search, Poptropica has reached its peak five years ago, in May 2010 (around Skullduggery’s release) and started to go downhill by June-July 2013 (around Virus Hunter and 24 Carrot Beta’s release). Maybe it’s the SUIs…


Lastly, the community has to have dedication, patience and commitment. That is what I’ve observed at the PHB. We want Poptropica to keep on running because we’re the ones who run Poptropica. To those who are ashamed because Poptropica because it’s a “kid’s game”, don’t be carried away by peer pressure— play if you want to play.

Poptropica has an amazing community. Everyone is kind, amazing and very friendly. They’re blessed to have a community like that. It’s not similar to the other communities that criticize the game, build private servers, and find ways to change how the game goes. Keep playing Poptropica, it’s an amazing game. Be a part of the community because if not, you’ll be missing a great experience.

What do you think? Comment down below.

Next week, we’ll be having a review post! See you next Tuesday!