Escape from Pelican Rock: Thoughts


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Welcome to my review on the latest Poptropica island: Escape from Pelican Rock! Before heading on to the review itself, I would like to give special thanks to Friendly Fish (slantedfish) for letting me try EFPR (Escape from Pelican Rock) on her account! Now, I’d like to start with our analysis!

WARNING: SPOILERS! If you don’t want to, look away!

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Thoughts on Poptropica’s 8th Birthday


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Welcome to a new post! It’s been a while since we’ve had our¬†community celebrity so why not have a new post? ūüôā Today, I’ll be leaving some brief thoughts on Poptropica’s birthday! I won’t let you wait any longer- here we go!

This year’s celebration was unique. It didn’t have a new birthday costume this year and ¬†it mainly focused on Early Poptropica. They also had the race to Early Poptropica, which was opened to all, and offered 200 Poptropica credits for first-time completions. Poptropica also celebrated on Twitter by tagging #HBDPoptropica and retweeting tweets throughout the day! However, annual traditions such as the balloon hunt and the color-changing birthday balloon came back. I also like how Poptropica came up with a great theme along with the celebration! ūüôā


Although, the party had a minor downside. The balloon hunt was too easy. When you enter any common room, you can easily find the 8th birthday balloon, which spoils its rarity and the challenge when it comes to finding it but overall, Poptropica made this one of the best and the most memorable birthday parties ever thrown. I landed first and had a fun time celebrating 8 years of our favorite game. ūüôā

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Island Reviews: Arabian Nights!

arabian nights review

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I’ve got good news!¬†I teamed up with Slanted Fish of the PHB to make our Arabian Nights review! What are we waiting for? Here’s our review! :mrgreen:

Warning: This review contains spoilers for the island.

Episode 1: How Bazaar


Overall, this¬†episode is pretty good.¬†Let’s start with the soundtrack. The soundtrack¬†was very fitting, giving off a feel for Arabian¬†culture and¬†the grandiosity of their civilization.

Meanwhile, the story focused on¬†finding the Forty Thieves and putting a stop to their¬†thievery. The hideout was done cleverly: it wasn’t the obvious cave, but something much more intriguing, with the “open sesame” scene at the end reminiscent of¬†the beginning of Disney’s¬†Aladdin.

Some of our favorite moments include hanging around the palace while the guards were gossiping and then surprising them with a smoke bomb, and watching one of the thieves struggle to steal the slow camel when trying to pull it into the hideout.

Moving onto the characters, they were creatively made to look like Arab people in the ancient times. In my opinion, the best one was the Sultan himself.¬†The scenes, too, were really made well, especially¬†the bazaar scene. This also presented¬†a nice challenge‚ÄĒ the cave maze and the trading. Smoke bombs added to the coolness factor, and¬†the animations ‚Äď the curling smoke effects which were used throughout the island in different colors ‚Äď were pretty neat¬†too.

Episode 2: Lair of Thieves


This episode was pretty cool!¬†Let’s start with the¬†scenes, which were amazing. From the cells to the sanctum, everything was nice and detailed, particularly the treasure room.

The quest itself was just the right amount of challenging. PHB author Samwow5 pointed out in his review of this episode that he felt like he was a spy. A spy indeed! Sneaking around the thieves sure made us feel stealthy and cool. The crafting part was also a creative touch to the gameplay.

Seeing¬†the prisoner and later the Vizier disappear in a cloud of smoke for calling upon the wrong lamps¬†made for a¬†dark yet excellent¬†plot. The Vizier’s sacrifice tugged at our heartstrings, and we wonder whether the unfortunate characters were¬†really killed off (it certainly seems so, which might be a Poptropica first) ‚Äď though¬†thanks to the Sultan’s time reversal at the end of the third episode, the Vizier lived (though probably not as a high palace official).

The characters were great, too. The Master of Coin (who looked like Binary Bard), master thief, and Brutus had amazing designs and details. Last but definitely not least, the soundtrack was awesome. The spine-tingling feeling of the music made the episode even better.

Episode 3: Careful What You Wish For


Months before the release of this episode, PHB author Brave Tomato¬†made a theory about the final episode ‚ÄĒ and she turned out to be right!

Scheherazade’s character had great depth, from being a simple¬†merchant’s daughter to becoming a¬†princess, which turned out pretty badly for her as her father, now a Sultan, barely paid her any attention. It didn’t end there: driven by her desire, she became the leader of the villainous Forty Thieves, and then,¬†at the height of her criminal career, wished to be turned into a genie!

Out of the three episodes, this is our personal favorite. Why? Scenes were made very well and every inch of it is very detailed. The spot-the-difference game was pretty challenging. This episode also brought back the trading and crafting elements from the previous two episodes.

Samhal, too, was a comical character, with his mischievous wit coming into play at every corner. From making a woman who wished to be beautiful into a copy of himself, to turning the Master of Coin into a treasure chest because he wanted to hold all the wealth for himself, to having the recurring camel fall in love with a palace guard, it was hilarious to watch the story unfold.

The story was funny, but it also left behind a well-delivered cautionary tale against greed, especially as it wrapped up in the final, heartfelt scene with the Sultan and Scheherazade on the stone dais.

Plus, we loved the Aladdin references.

Thanks for reading our review of Arabian Nights Island! Overall, we’d rate it a 9.5/10.


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Island Review: Early Poptropica!

Hey guys! This is our fourth¬†island review here on this blog. (Check out other reviews on the Island Reviews page.) ¬†This review features the first Poptropica island ever‚ÄĒ Early Poptropica Island!

Note: Hey, this is just my opinion and I don’t intend to criticize the game. I don’t want offend anyone, okay? Feel free to share your opinion and read below! 


Storyline & Characters

This island is simple and easy‚Ästperfect for beginners. You just have to go to the clouds, the sewer and all around the town to bring back the lost things. It’s still simple in every angle and it doesn’t have that much challenge. There are a lot of characters around this island, including the pilgrims and villains and I¬†like¬†its variety¬†on this island¬†from¬†the giant spider to¬†the Purple Giant.



The design of this island is an impression of what Poptropica is back then. The island is notable¬†floating platforms around and its simple details on backgrounds. It also has that “poppy” and welcoming feel for beginner players that would like to play the game.


I have one word to describe this island: simple. This island is known for its simplicity (since it is Poptropica’s first island) and everything is really nice. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s a great island to play if you’re playing the game for the first time. I’m really sorry if I didn’t have that much for this island because that’s what it really is!