Community Celebrities: HPuterpop


Hey, guys! Welcome to another Community Celebrities post! In case you’re new, Community Celebrities is a series in this blog, where we feature different people from the community and get to know them more! You can check out past celebrities here.

For this month, we’re going to meet one of the masterminds behind Orb Legend, a good friend of mine and one of the authors of the PHB— HPuterpop! With no further ado, let’s begin! 🙂

  • HP considers Ghost Story Island as one of Poptropica’s best islands. He is impressed by its amazing quality when it comes to the story, art, and atmosphere.


  • On the other hand, the worst island, according to him, is Galactic Hot Dogs Island because of its scattered story, low-quality art,  and little redeeming qualities.
  • Of all the infamous Poptropica villains, his favorites are Myron Van Buren (like BT!) because of his amazing appearance; but as far as the story goes, his other favorite villain is  Mordred/Binary Bard. “His character arc was ‘tactfully’ put together and ‘well expanded’ in Super Villain Island,” according to him.
  •  HP made “Poptropica Journals” before he came to the PHB around 2008. These journals included some fake posts. Years later, he was accepted to the PHB team.
  • He is always known for creating fanon islands and make sure to check out his island ideas in Orb Legend!
  • Another thing HP is known for is his signature catchphrase whenever he posts. It always starts with ‘Hi Gs‘— which means girls and guys— and ends with ‘TAFN‘— that’s all for now. 🙂bigblue
  • Everyone has their own favorite item in Poptropica, and wonder what HP’s pick is! His favorite Store item is the Big Blue, a members-only item for the release of Zomberry Island. He admired it for its amazing character design, animation, and application in Zomberry Island.
  •  Did you also know that HP is one big fan of RPGs? For him, Undertale is filled with quirky humor, a great storyline, great characters, and even music! Undertale, along with Earthbound,  are Orb Legend’s major inspirations.
  • We’ve been talking about Orb Legend a lot of times in this post. What’s Orb Legend? Well, for HP’s definition, it’s a ‘collection of many creative people’s works‘ all combined to form one explosive RPG coming soon!


  • If he was to recommend the next celebrity, it would be Nice Hawk of Poptrickia; he is an amazing blogger and another big community member!

Now for a special moment, here are 2 more and spoiler-free facts about Meridian/Messy Sinker from HPuterpop himself!hp

  •  ” He is a cartographer, meaning that he makes maps. That’s part of the reason for his success as an explorer on Poptropica.”
  • Meridian’s odd skin color is not a rad tan – it’s his natural pigmentation!”

Oh cool! Now we’ve known a lot of new information on HP’s Popsona! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did with Andrew and I’m really sorry for doing this so late because I was sick the past few days and was very busy on our projects.

As what HPuterpop would say, “That’s all for now!” Thank you, HP. Did you like our Community Celebrity? Don’t forget to leave a comment down below!

-Slippery 💦


Slippery’s Update!


Hey, guys! Slip here.


I know you’ve been waiting for a new post here at the blog and I guess, today is your lucky day! I’ve got a lot of updates to talk about so, let’s start!

First of all, Happy 2nd anniversary to this blog! (Thanks to UiPE and HPuterpop for the graphics!)

I just want to say “Thank you” to everyone who helped me reach this dream of mine. We’ve gone so far and I couldn’t have made it without you guys. It’s really amazing how everything changed and it’s been two years! How amazing was that? Even though I have moved to the PHB when it comes to updates and stuff, I know that this blog will have a special place in my heart. So, thank you again! 🙂


Next, I have another update! I know the last post was around a month ago and I was quite busy the past few weeks (due to school) but I’m glad to announce that there will be a new Community Celebrity next week! A way to kick off a new year is to have not one—but two Community Celebrities! Here’s a sneak peek. 🙂




Last but never the least, there’s something new coming to Stolen Snapshots. If you have noticed, the game will take a short hiatus. (It’s only a week!) I’m preparing it for something very big: the Stolen Snapshot Surprise! Get hyped! It will begin next week and here’s another sneak peek:

2 by icons-torn

I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to leave a comment! I’ll be back with more news next time! 🙂


-Slippery 💦

Ask Slippery: Here are the Answers!


Hey, guys! Slip here.

A better way to celebrate my birthday is to share it with you guys. I’m really sorry if it took so long, but it’s going to be worth it, right? With no further ado, here are the answers to the questions you asked me! Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Cuddly Knuckle asked: What is your favorite Poptropica island?
Slippery Raptor: My all-time favorite would be Mystery Train Island. I like the gameplay and it has a great story. I felt like I’m Sherlock on a train!

Ultimate iPad Expert asked: Aliens?
Slippery Raptor: Definitely.


Dangerous Eye asked: Do you reveal your (first) name on the internet? If you do, what is it?
Slippery Raptor: I revealed my first name on our Authors’ Hangout; but since it’s my birthday, it’s Gab. 🙂

 Dangerous Eye asked: How old were you in the year you started playing Poptropica?
Slippery Raptor: I was around 8 years old when I first started playing Poptropica. It was fun!

 Dangerous Eye asked: Which country do you live in?
Slippery Raptor: I currently live in the United Arab Emirates, but I’m from the Philippines.

Dangerous Eye asked: Do you think you’ll ever take those headphones off?
Slippery Raptor: Maybe not. Slippery won’t be Slippery if it wasn’t for the headphones.

 Dangerous Eye asked: What’s your favorite costume, be it the costume of an NPC, fellow Poptropican or Store Item?
Slippery Raptor: My current favorite outfit would be the Fall Fashion outfit. I like plaid polos. 🙂


 Dangerous Eye asked: Which island was the most difficult for you to beat?
Slippery Raptor: The hardest island I tried to beat was Skullduggery. I finished it years after I started playing it.

 Dangerous Eye asked: How many medallions have you got?
Slippery Raptor: I currently have 55 island medallions. 🙂

Dangerous Eye asked: What’s your current credit count?
Slippery Raptor: I currently have 2400 Poptropica credits.

Dangerous Eye asked: What’s your greatest pet peeve?
Slippery Raptor: Slow WiFi connection. 😛

Dangerous Eye asked: Do you remember the craziest dream you’ve ever had?
Slippery Raptor: Craziest dreams would include being inside a video game, right?

Dangerous Eye asked: Any future occupations in mind?
Slippery Raptor: I would love to work in Poptropica! 🙂

Dangerous Eye asked: Do you think answering all these questions will amount to an entire biography?
Slippery Raptor: Maybe, but it’s only one-fourth of it. 😛

Cuddly Knuckle asked: Do you play other games besides Poptropica?
Slippery Raptor: I do play Club Penguin and Sims. 🙂

Beginnings and Big News!

Hey guys, Slippery here. I have big news!

An idea came up to me yesterday and I thought it’d be great to share it to you guys.

There will be big changes to this blog from now on— this blog will now be a review and discussion blog!

Here’s a guide with your inquiries:

What’s it going to be about?

This blog will now be filled with reviews, discussions and many conspiracies that revolve about Poptropica and its community!

Will your guides, posts and pages stay?

Of course, they’ll stay here as long as this blog is up and running!

Where are you going to have the updates?

I’ll be on the PHB blogging all of the updates you need to know! Have you read my latest post?

That’s all of the things you need to know on our revamp for this blog. I apologize for the shortcomings and all of the things I neglected to do. A post should be up by Tuesday so better get ready— it’ll be a discussion post!

I also forgot to mention our new theme: Editor! It’s really awesome because it’s very minimal and simple. This is the theme we’ll be using through time!

Special thanks to HPuterpop for making a new header for us. Unfortunately, headers don’t work with this theme. I actually used it as a logo. 😛

See ya!


Blog Updates and Be-Careful Wishes

Hey guys! SR here.

First off, the plot for the final episode of Arabian Nights is finally here! The episode is called “Careful What You Wish For” and seems pretty exciting. Check it out!

Careful What You Wish For
The genie is out of the bottle, and now everyone wants a chance to make their wishes come true. But whether you’re a greedy merchant, a lovelorn palace guard, or a Sultan with a long-buried secret, heed this advice: be careful what you wish for!

Looks like we’ll have a quest keeping them away from the genie and making crazy wishes!

Slippery’s tip: Wish upon a star, not on a genie. XD

Next, the blog has undergone major changes:

First, we have a brand new URL! Instead of typing the long “”, which currently is disabled, I’ve decided to change it to something shorter: “” If you type in the old URL, it will direct into a dead end. 😛

Second, thanks to Slanted Fish, she made us a brand new header (which we’ll use tentatively) and let’s see if you guys will like it! 🙂


P.S. Our winner for week 4 in Stolen Snapshots is already in the Hall of Fame!