Hey guys! You need something to tell? or something to ask about Poptropica and this site? If there’s something that I should know, just drop by. Any fan mails for me? Leave it here. A complaint? An offer? Or something really awesome? Drop it down below.

Before you send anything and fill out the form below, bear in mind these few reminders:

  • I am not affiliated with Poptropica so I do not have the authority to change the game or a bug that you experience. Try telling it to Poptropica through their Contact page. It’ll really help. 😀
  • Is it something very urgent? I will try to respond as soon as possible.
  • No spam, please.
  • Your information will not be used in any other purposes.
  •  Before you ask a question, you can use the search bar/ search the site first before filling out the form.
  • There will be an FAQ page very soon. 🙂

If I will not respond after a few days or in a while, send me an email at :mrgreen:


'Sup! What's on?

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