The Island of Victories and Competition: Poptropolis Games!

This is our first-ever review! Yes! I’ve decided that Island Reviews will have new islands reviewed every month! Yay! Well, then. Our first Island Review is the…. *drumroll*

Poptropolis Games!

Disclaimer: Everything here is only in my own opinion. So, I don’t mean to if you’re going to be offended. 🙂


This island has :  3 /5 stars

Here’s my review contents:

  •  Storyline/Quest
  •  Characters 
  •  Ambiance
  •  Mode of Difficulty
  • PoptropolisGamesReview36

This is our first ever island review! Yay! So, welcome to the Poptropolis Games Island!

So, first things first, the Storyline and the quest. Here’s what I will say.

  •  Storyline/Quest

  Well, it is a UNIQUE island. Why? Because we had to know the ancient city of Poptropica! Also, it had a cool and a dramatic entrance! Really cool! It is a cool island also because it only resurfaces every 100 Poptropica years! And also, it’s the first island to be removed (not including Monster Carnival) after it can be played. Lastly, it is the first island to have it’s sequel. And the quest is just simple — Olympics, Poptropica Style! Loved the Games both 2013 and 2014! Can’t wait to see more! 😀

Therefore, I will give Poptropolis Games’ Storyline and Quest- 25%!~

  •  Characters and Dialogues
    The characters here in Poptropolis Games is not that many. It is because the story focuses more to the players competing in the Olympics. Cool right? But never forget my favorite character on Poptropolis Games, the emcee/host of the Games! Although he blames me for being late.  Overall, it was really great.

So, I give this island 12% for its dialog and characters!~

  •  Ambiance (Setting, Common Rooms, Backgrounds and Soundtrack for SUIs)

Well, to describe the ambiance, well it shows how old the island was and how wet the island became after its resurface.

Then, I may also say that the common room is very ancient, and the best thing is, it had an overgrown tree in it! But a question, how can a tree survive underwater? Weird. And in observations, it is a training gym and it has a plaque inscribed on the third floor that says “Poptropolis”.

Backgrounds, hmmm. the backgrounds are very well put and it jives with the island. Also, you may spot the volcano or some ruins of the island on the background.

It’s sounds are terrific! The Olympic like horns, and the calm ocean like sounds. Very well.

Therefore,  this island gets 18% for its overall ambience!~

Last but not the least,

  •  Mode of Difficulty
    Yep, it’s the last segment! I do rate this island as……. “on the edge of Hard and Average but see it as 60% Average and 40% Hard.60% because of its simplicity and not so back-and-forth running around like quests. 40% because some of the games are really hard even though we can practice. Like Diving, for instance and Javelin throw because one mistake, you’ll fail and like Weightlifting, pressing too much? Okay. :/
    Therefore, this island gets 7% for its mode of difficulty!~
    Giving this island a +2 for having a sequel and it being the first island reviewed!~
We have tallied up all the scores, evaluated its overall impact and the results are in!


⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This is the first ever island reviews and I’m very happy! Yay! 😀

Till next time!


Let the Poptropolis Flame illuminate our thirst for victory!
Let the Poptropolis Flame illuminate our thirst for victory!

3 thoughts on “The Island of Victories and Competition: Poptropolis Games!

    1. We can count SVI as a spin-off but not as a sequel because Super Villain Island did not continue Super Power Island’s story. That’s why. 😀 The difference is Poptropolis had a new plot and DID continue the first one. 😀

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