Survival Island: Are we “Out of the Woods”?


Hey guys! Slippery here. I decided to take down the Cabin Fever review and the Into the Deep review and turn it into a full island review!  So, like the past review, there will be a criteria.  Shall we start the review?

Episode 1- Crash Landing


For short, this episode was awesome. The puzzles, the battle between you and nature, a hibernating bear, and more. This island’s quest is pretty simple yet this is Poptropica. Nothing is too simple! You have to climb through trees, push boulders, and find all the things you need to build a fire. Great music, awesome details and the quest was just great. 😀

This episode receives three ⭐ out of five!

Episode 2- Hook, Line and Sinker


This episode was just fine. There is no hard challenges or any battles along the way but  I did enjoy the quest. Finding the bait was easy and assembling the fishing pole was kind of hard. The music is still great, the extra characters were just so-so and the details were just cool. Crossing rivers were not that fun and is hard since your temperature will decrease as you dip yourself in the river. Last

but not the least, the mystery continues as a camera focuses on you as you eat your meal.

This episode receives two ⭐ out of five!

Episode 3- Distress Signal

survival3The third episode is one of the best episode ever. This episode’s quest is very challenging. Using physics to get the lemon out of its crate, trying to escape a wrecked plane before falling into a ravine, and climbing a large satellite tower just to find a signal. Also, physics and electronics were present in this episode! One, you will create a lever to get to the other side of the river and two, making a source of electricity out of nails, lemons and old coins! Science! Lastly, the climax of this episode is where we finally meet MVB and we got to ride his own helicopter! Sweet!

This episode gets four ⭐ out of five!

Episode 4- Cabin Fever


To be real honest, this episode is the best of them all. As what I’ve said in the review, the quest is amazing, the characters were perfect for the story and the details of the cabin was so awesome. The biggest advantage of this island is Myron Van Buren. I think he’s one of Poptropica’s best villains—even cooler than Dr. Hare himself! He might’ve lose some few screws but he’s still awesome. Taxidermies of different animals lying in his house, a special guest room and a trophy room to showcase his glory as the best hunter in the world! Last but not the least,  this was really the same as what happened in The Most Dangerous Game.

The episode receives 5 ⭐ out of five!

Survival 5- Escape!survival5

Ummm, this island is unexpected. The ending of Survival is not the one I expect it would be.  I just think that I lacks something and there’s still space for improvement in this episode. The episode’s visuals is really great specially the dawn effect that symbolizes a new beginning and the peak of this episode is the player meeting the mysterious M.M  from episode 3 and 4, Max McGullicutty. MVB is not that scary in this episode but until the sawmill scene. The ending sure is happy but I wished that the Creators had a little more adjustment by the ending. 🙂

The episode receives 4 ⭐ out of five!

Note: These are all my opinions and I don’t mean to offend anyone. I hope you liked my review because I work hard to make this possible.

-Slippery XD


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