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  1. How Bazaar
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Episode 1: How Bazaar

Arabian Nights is currently found between Poptropica Land and Survival Island. It is also above Missioarabnightsn Atlantis. The island shows a tall minaret, a small Arabian bazaar and some trees surrounding the minaret and the bazaar.

When you enter the island, here’s the quest we need to finish in the first episode. It says:

The 40 Thieves are ransacking the town. Find their hideout and put a stop to it!


You will first land at the Bazaar. Head on to your right and run to the desert (It is because you have no tasks yet there). The place is run-down and ‘deserted’. The pun is not intended. Moving on, you will find an old man guarding the place. You should talk to him. He will say that they moved the bazaar because of the thievery, the thieves are too quick to catch and suggests that you should look at caves because they’re the only place that makes sense.


Now, when you get there, jump past the bones and go down the last quicksand of the cliff.  Watch out for scorpions!  When you get there, just go down the quicksand and enter the cave. When you enter the cave, push the large crates so you can create a platform. Now, run to your right. When you land on the crate, just push the crate to your left. Continue pushing the crate to your left. Watch out for quicksands and scorpions! When you get past the quicksand, there will be a crate there. Push it to your left. When you get to an old ladder, climb that up until you find another crate. As usual, push that crate and when you reach the end, jump to the left and continue jumping past the quicksands. You will now reach a skeleton holding rock salts.


Now, go out of the cave by going through the quicksand. Leave the cliff just the same way how you entered and run back to the bazaar. Now, it’s trading time! First, talk to the guy on the second level of the bazaar with the blue with green turban. Trade the rock salt with a grain. You will now receive the grain.


Now, run to your right and you will find a woman who wants to trade. Trade your rock salt for cloth. Take the trade and receive the cloth. Now, go back to the guy you just traded your rock salt with the grain. Trade your cloth for a spyglass. Run to the top of the minaret and put the spyglass on the stand.


After you’ve traded and put the spyglass, run back to the desert and leave the salt on the stone dais. Return to the minaret and peek at the spyglass. Move your spyglass to the upper left corner and you will see how quick a thief gets an object without being seen. After that, they will leave something behind! It’s a smoke bomb! Now, let’s go to the palace and jump on the windows. When they start talking to each other, wait for them to get close to each other and then press space bar to throw a smoke bomb! Now, enter the palace! Talk to the sultan and he will give you a crown jewel. He wants us to take care of it and after that, return to the bazaar.


Go back to the guy where you traded the rock salt for grain and for the spyglass. Trade the crown jewel from the sultan to the merchant and take the ivory camel. Trade the ivory camel to the guy with the camel. He will give you the camel bridle and you can take the camel with you! We’re just a step away from discovering their hideout!


Now for the awesome part! Here we go! So now you’ve got the camel, go to the desert and leave the camel there on the stone dais. Spy on the camel with the spyglass while the thief tries to get it from the right. The thief will lead the camel to the oasis and he will say, “Open Sesame!”. A giant stone dragon-like statue rises up from the oasis. The camel will be taken to the hideout with the thief. Now, you will go to the oasis and say, “Open Sesame!” and finally, you will enter the hideout of the forty thieves! Congratulations, you have earned the  medallion!


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