Early Poptropica Island Guide

Early Poptropica Guide

 First of all, click on “Early Poptropica” on the island map to get on the island. It should look like the photo oEPn the side. So, when you get there, you’ll see the Soda Pop Shop (common room), the water tank and an advertisement space/Arcade. There is nothing to do there yet so run to your right.

When you get there, talk to the pilgrims. The first one will welcome you, the second one will tell you that the three prized possessions were stolen by thieves, the third pilgrim will tell you that his pig was stolen, the fourth pilgrim will tell you that the bucket is gone missing and the fifth one will tell you that the flag is gone and they can’t signal ships. So, you need to find three items: The pig, the flag and the bucket.

After you finish talking with the pilgrims, go down the well near the fourth pilgrim.

EP7When you get down to the Storage Cavern (as said on the map), push the box down until it reaches a green ledge that works like a see-saw. Go down and find the box you just pushed. Push the box to the left until it falls to another green ledge. To get to the higher ledge, there are two options:

   Option 1. You could push the box to the right side of the ledge and if it is high enough, run as fast as you can and jump to the higher ledge. It should look like this:


  Option 2. You could jump over the box so you jump to the higher ledge. It could be like this:


When you reach the higher green platform, run to your right until you reach the brown ledge. Climb the rope, move to the platform on your side and jump until you reach the glowstick. You will need that later. You can go out of the cavern by doing it backwards or doing whatever you’d like.


Now run back to the Main Street (the place with the Soda Pop Shop) and you should notice that the manhole is open. We can’t turn back now so enter the manhole if you dare


When you get there, you will see slime, spiders and cracked wood. So, move to your left, wait for the moving platform and go down until you reach a green spider. Move to your right and you will see the prized pig. So, watch out for the spider again then move to your left.


You will now move through a cave and continue running to the left. The cave is dark and you will automatically hold your glowstick. Run to the left until you see a rope. Climb that rope and when you reach the top, run to your right. When you see the first rope, ignore that (it’ll just get you to a dead end), move to the corner and a rope will be there. Climb that. Continue running until you come across another rope. Climb that rope again and move to your left. You will find a golden egg. 😀


After finding the egg, run to your right, climb the rope, run to your left, climb the rope again and run to the corner (ignore the rope in the middle). You will find another rope by the end, as always climb that, you will find the last rope and you will now arrive in Poptropica Towers


When you get there, jump through the windows of the green building, go to the middle window on the third floor and click it! You will receive a Hypnotic Costume!


Continue jumping through the buildings, jump onto the statue of a Poptropican and to a blue building. So, jump until you reach the restaurant up at the rooftop and climb a vine that you will see there.

It’s a long way down!

 When you get to the top of the clouds, you will meet a giant whose giant club blocking the way. He needs the golden egg and now that you have it, you can just click him and he will say “Because you have brought me that which I need, I lift my club and you may proceed.” Now, you can run to the right.


You will find the Giant’s garden and just keep going to your right. When you get to the plant of the giant, fall to the pumpkin and head to the right until you see the Bucket. Then continue running right.


When you get there, you will see flying saucers, barrels and a plane. When you get to the green barrel, jump over the propellers so you can fly over the airplane wing. Do the same thing again, jump over through the propellers so you can pass through the rocket and at the end, you can find the jetpack. You can use your jetpack to go back to the Giant’s garden.  Just use your arrow to fly back there.


When you go back, instead of jumping to the stem of the plant, go under and fly over the trowel. You should find a sign that says exit.


When you exit, you will go to the water tower and find the missing flag. Ep21

Now that you found all the missing items, go back to Early Poptropica, talk to the third, fourth and fifth pilgrims. When you give the flag to the fifth pilgrim (at the tower), a ship will come. There will be another pilgrim on the ship, talk to the pilgrim and he will give you the Early Poptropica Medallion!


Congratulations! You have finished Early Poptropica Island and you have 50 Poptropica Credits! 😀

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