Survival Guide

Survival Guide

Guide If you have some trouble locating Survival, here’s a picture of the island on your right.


  1. Crash Landing
  2. Hook, Line and Sinker
  3. Coming soon!
  4. Coming soon!
  5. Coming soon!

Episode 1: Crash Landing Survival

After you enter the first episode, you will watch a cutscene. While travelling over the dark skies of Survival Island, a thunderstorm occurs. Soon as lightnings surround the blimp, it hits your blimp. The next thing you know is that you’re stuck in a tree. You must find a way to build a fire to survive the freezing night in the snowy forest. After you press “Start”, click your player and you will fall in the snow. The temperature is dropping so move your player to prevent freezing. Survival3 Move to your left, you will see a Survival Handbook. The pages are scattered throughout the forest. First, go to your right until you see a squirrel. It’ll climb the tree and we’ll go back to him again soon. Now, go back to the place where you saw the handbook, jump over the rock, then to the tree and you will come across a woodpecker. It’ll fly away and we should follow it. Jump on to tree then to the branch until you find the first page of the handbook. Here’s what it looks like.


Continue jumping until you find an old tree. Hop on to its longer branch. The branch will break, go down so you can get the Logs. Now, jump over the huge roots of the old tree so you can reach the higher rock. You will find branches that look like these. These are bouncy branches. Jump on it so you can reach the second page.


Go down, move to the right until you reach a huge rock. Jump on it until you reach the woodpecker. It’ll fly again. Now, return to the place where you found the first page and continue jumping higher. You will cross the rope of your parachute until you reach the woodpecker pecking at the end. It’ll fly again. Return to the place with the huge rock and a tree on it and jump higher.Go to your right until you reach the squirrel and the woodpecker on it. Click the squirrel, it is annoyed by you and it will go inside the tree hole. The loud pecking noise will annoy the squirrel so he will jump down to the snow. You can now get the Nest. Now, go to the right.


When you go to your right, you will find a rocky hill. Don’t climb that yet. Go down, run to the left until you find the Wet Kindling by the tree. Now let’s climb the rocky hill. Climb through the rocks/branches near the tree. Jump over it until you reach the higher rock. Look to your right, there will be a bouncy branch. Jump on it and then, climb to the top of the hill. Up there, you can find a tree. Jump on branches until you find another handbook page. It should be in this place.


Go down the hill and then, move to the next area to your right. Out there, you will find a large uprooted tree. Enter the hole and go to the corner. You should find the Mittens. Run to your right and jump to another tree. On the top of it, you will find a new handbook page. Go back and run to the left and go back to the place where you first went. When you get there, you will found another handbook page. It’s just by the ground near a tree. Go to the left until you find an ax stuck by a tree stump. Click on it. Use your mittens! Unfortunately, you will not pick up the ax itself but only the ax handle.


Continue running to the right until you find a very old tree. When you click it, you will push the tree and it will fall to the cliff. It’ll leave the last handbook page. Click it to get it. Go back to the old tree stump and jump on the bouncy branch. When you reach a very high branch, run to the right until you reach another parachute-like wreckage. Jump high so you can reach a handle from the bag and it’ll be your way to another bag. The bag will be on the right. It looks like this.


Click the bag. Something will fall down. Go down and see what it is. Click the place where that “thing” fell down. With your mittens, find it in the snow. It’s a Striker. Now, go back to the place where you find the mittens. Go to the far right. You should find a large boulder out there. With the Ax Handle, you can push the boulder down the slope and when it rolls down, a cave will open. Before you go inside the cave, push the boulder one more time until it stops near the roots of a tree. Before you enter the cave, get a Flint near the cave. (It’s near the black pile near the opening of the cave.) Now, enter the cave. It’s dark in there. Also, there is a hibernating bear inside so don’t wake it up! To pass the bear, jump on the platforms where the water drips. Jump on another platform and jump as far as you can so you can reach a part of the cave with the Dry Kindling on it! Now go back to the entrance with the way you went inside before. Now were all set to build our own fire! Go the place between the boulder and the tree. The wind cannot pass in so it’s perfectly fine. So, here’s how to build a fire.

How to build a fire:

  1. Click the fire button at the bottom left of your screen to start the interface.
  2. Use your mittens to clear out the snow for your fire pit.
  3. Put the nest on the place without any snow.
  4. Use the striker and the flint to start the fire. Don’t forget to blow it!
  5. Place the dry kindling on the nest.
  6. Lastly, put the logs on the fire!

Try this gallery if you want. Click to zoom it! 😀

Congratulations! You have now made fire and now, I present you the Episode 1 medallion!


We now have fire and we made it through the night! Are you ready for what’s next? Anyways, who’s this person trying to sneak at us?


Here are the handbook pages you need to collect.

Episode 2: Hook, Line and Sinker

Once you enter the episode, you will watch cutscene. You will be still in the forest and you’ll be on a tree. On your right, you will see a handbook page. Jump on it to collect it. Go down and collect the handbook. Go left and you will find a rock. Click it to uncover what is under the rock and click it to collect the Worms. Jump on the higher platform and up on the tree, there will be another page. Jump on the bouncy branch to collect that page. Continue running to the left and you will find another rock. Just like what you did with the worms, click it to find the Pill bugs. Jump on the bouncy branch so you can reach the higher branch. Jump on the higher branches so you can get another handbook page. Down there, on a tree stump,you will find a free fishing costume.

hlands On the ground, you will find a small log, click it so you can go under. Now, continue to your left. You will see a beaver dam and in the middle, you will find a hook! Make sure you don’t fall in the water! It’ll freeze you! Make your way through the dam and at the end, jump on it to make holes in the dam. It’ll drain the water and you can reach the hook soon. Prevent the beavers from fixing the hole by jumping on the three logs in their dam.  Once the water drains, run to the pile of sticks and collect the Hook. Don’t fall on the freezing river! On the other side, you will find another rock. Turn it over to collect the Grubs. Now continue to your left. Jump over the tree branches and up there, you will see a Fishing pole. Jump on more tree branches to get to the other side. Now push the rock to the right until it goes in the hole. It’ll look like this.


Push the tree leaning on a branch so you can reach the next area and push the boulder. Now, click the boulder so you can break the ice and fish there. Go to the left. On the next area, push the trees so it can make a way for you. After you push the last tree, jump on the tree branch so the old tree trunk will fall down. Jump on it and use it to cross the lake. In the middle, there is a tree with an old shoe in it. Jumping to it will get you the Shoelace. Continue going to the right and when you reach the other side, You will find an old tree and when you reach the top, you will find another shoe. Use the shoelace and the hook with the fishing pole and use the fishing pole again to reach the shoe inside the tree. Once you reach the shoe again, you will receive another Shoelace. Use it again to make your pole longer. Now go down and go back to the place where you found the fish. Fish on this edge.


Use the Worms to become your bait and press “Space” if you’re ready. Once you let the pole down, wait for the fish to get the bait. Once the fish gets it, you will automatically reel it and congratulations! You have now received the Episode 2 Survival Medallion!


Now that you have food, you now have satisfied your hunger! There’s more to explore especially in the wilderness. Now what will happen? Who’s this looking at our every move? It’s really creepy.


Here are the handbook pages you collected earlier.

Episode 3 will be here soon! :mrgreen:


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