Poptropica Comics!


Love Poptropica? Love comics? Check out the Poptropica Comics below! I have a collection of all of the Poptropica comics that were published. Here, we have four of Poptropica’s epic comics! From the series, to Super Hotdog Boy, I have it all! So, if you’re reading the comics and they’re too small, try clicking on them and they’ll be in fullscreen. Also, to move, try clicking the arrows on the side or use the arrows on your keyboard!


Poptropica: The Comic Series

Oliver and Jorge are two really crazy yet awesome boys. Even though they’re mismatched, they still manage to find their similarities. This comic is in series, it is still going. Click the link above to read the comics till week 18! I stopped at week 18 because it will take a long time scrolling from week 1 to week 18. Don’t worry, every Sunday, the Poptropica Creators’ Blog will catch you up with the latest week of the comics or try reading at Funbrain! They have the comics more ahead than what’s on the Daily Pop or the blog. 😀

Also, these comics are fictional. The islands that you are going to discover while reading the comics (e.g Island with Apes, Dinosaur Island, Minotaur Island, Cellphone Repair Island, etc.) are not true. In the real Poptropica, none of those were featured. :mrgreen:


Virus Hunter Island: Pandemic Panic

Is it the beginning?…and could there be a cheesier way to wrap up a prequel story than by asking if it’s the end or the beginning?

This is the backstory of the island, Virus Hunter Island. You will find out here how the disease was acquired by Joe. Read the prologue in 6-pages! Or you can read it continuously in PDF.


Zomberry Island: Day Zero

 The tale of a zombie outbreak in an innocent town will be chilling your bones before you know it, but do you want to know how it all began?

Find out what happened to Joe (again) in Zomberry Island! Read the prologue and discover the mysterious zombie outbreak! You can read it right here or in PDF form!

Super Hot Dog Boy!

Ned Noodlehead is just a simple comic salesman, but what happens when a help is needed in Super POWer Island?

Find out how a simple salesman could become an awesome hero and read the 4-paged story of Super Hotdog Boy! 😀

Which of the comics is your favorite?  Leave your insight below!

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7 thoughts on “Poptropica Comics!

    1. Replying myself: Pandemic Panic 2 is about a giant quarantine made using domes. It probably has to be followed by a Pandemic Panic 3,because it is ended with a cliffhanger too-leaving Dr.Lange in one of the full domes.. YEEAAHHH!! I’m excited right now..

      1. Maybe Zippy Plug! Poptropica holds the key to the islands, though. I do also think that the second part is the Virus Hunter Island itself. 🙂 Great idea too!

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